My photography journey started in 2005, when i was in Architecture school where we used it as a tool to represent our work our ideas. Through the years in architecture school, i learnt more, bit by bit. My interest was mainly architecture and landscapes. And once in a while people and nature…

My desire to for photography grew in 2010 after my wedding photographer (bless his soul) took very disappointing pictures of our day. He was old and old fashioned in the way he took pictures. He took many BASIC shots of the day… Being ‘design minded’ I expected so much more. We literally spent a lot of time, money and energy paying attention to detail but NONE of it was captured…

To this day some of my most favourite and cherished pictures of our wedding day were taken by my close friend and classmate. She, in the few shots(with a simple digital camera), managed to capture  the essence of the day and the joy we felt .they were moments in time that up till now mean so much to me. For this reason I believe a good photograph, or set of photographs should capture either the memory, atmosphere or essence of a shoot/ event.

This is where my pursuit for making meaningful photographs began. Since then I have taken photography night classes, have become a YouTube photography student and have googled my way into all the knowledge I have today about photography. I believe that photography is an art, and only practice makes perfect.


So in short, I am an architect, wife and mother who loves to record memories. Its fun (sometimes surprising) and I thoroughly enjoy it… I love the simplicity of life and things in general and seek to understand absolutely everything I encounter.(in a obsessive kind of way ) Mies  van der Rohe( a famous architect) once said “Less is more”… my design mind believes  it! Hence I feel that this is what I seek when I take pictures, capturing the simplicity of life, memories, people and things we hold dear.


Photography is an art, and like all arts…its subjective, so please look through my gallery  and if you like what you see and enjoy my ‘style’ of photography, and would like to give me the honor of capturing your special moments, please drop me an email and we can chat about what you’d like.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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